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For Governor



California used to be the greatest state in America—a land of pristine beauty, free speech and a great education. I loved growing up in Los Angeles, the place my family settled a century ago to live the American dream. The 90-year success of Zacky Farms poultry was our American dream come true.

Now homeless tents fill our streets, businesses are moving out, free speech is cancelled, and our educational system is in shambles. Our California dreams have become a nightmare!

Californians are crying out for help and leadership to stop the decay and destruction happening before our eyes. I cannot stand by and watch California crumble under our feet. I have the experience, the passion and a plan to restore us to a better life.


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Leo Zacky’s campaign is about fixing what has been destroyed by the liberal progressives. He is fed up with the destructive policies, corruption and political agendas that have turned our California dreams into a nightmare! He loves California and is a patriot on a mission to take back our state!

He is an experienced business leader and former agricultural lobbyist who is very familiar with Sacramento politics. He knows the issues and has a plan to restore Californians to a better life.


This 2026 election is all about stopping what is happening all around us. We sense an underlying, destructive anti-American presence that is causing California to be a less desirable place to live and do business. Obama’s prediction years ago that America must be “fundamentally transformed” is coming true before our eyes. Our news media has been compromised and we must dig deeper to be truly informed and understand how to fix this broken system. There is so many issues before us, each one rooted in bad ideologies and policies. Each of us have a personal responsibility to do our part to keep freedom alive. As Governor of California, I will fight for freedom, integrity, law and order, and a common-sense approach based on the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I am strongly against mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns, and mask mandates. I support science and freedom of individual choice. I am a capitalist who believes in free markets, not socialism. I am fed up with business as usual.