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Leo Zacky for Governor of California

Join me in saving California from the liberal progressives. Californians are crying out for help and leadership to stop the decay and destruction happening before our eyes. I cannot stand by and watch California crumble under our feet. I have the experience, the passion and a plan to restore us to a better life.

It’s clear that the people of this state and this nation do not want any more career politicians in government. We want people who truly know this state and have experience in what makes our state the world’s fifth largest economy. Having been born and raised in Los Angeles and spending much of my personal and professional life in the Central Valley I embody just that. Being Vice President of Zacky Farms, I understand the diverse needs of California, its businesses, and its short comings. I know what it takes and how to give California what it needs to flourish. Having been a board member of the California Poultry Federation I have experienced firsthand how incompetent self-serving and corrupt the vast majority of those currently in power truly are, as we are all witness to their failure. It is up to all of us to take a stand and make the change we want to see in California. I seek office not for fame or fortune, or special privileges, but because I know no one else is more capable, incorruptible, and committed to fixing California. I have solutions to drought, homelessness, wildfires, and cost of living. I will bring left and right together to tackle our challenges and set us up to be prepared for the future. This is not about democrats or republicans; this is about California. We’re all in this together. We’re all on the same team, Team California! We must work together to accomplish this goal.