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This 2026 election is all about stopping what is happening all around us. We sense an underlying, destructive anti-American presence that is causing California to be a less desirable place to live and do business. Obama’s prediction years ago that America must be “fundamentally transformed” is coming true before our eyes. Our news media has been compromised and we must dig deeper to be truly informed and understand how to fix this broken system. There is so many issues before us, each one rooted in bad ideologies and policies. Each of us have a personal responsibility to do our part to keep freedom alive. As Governor of California, I will fight for freedom, integrity, law and order, and a common-sense approach based on the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I am strongly against mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns, and mask mandates. I support science and freedom of individual choice. I am a capitalist who believes in free markets, not socialism. I am fed up with business as usual.

The many homeless tents filling the streets of California, especially Los Angeles and San Francisco, are largely comprised of people with drug, alcohol and mental illness issues. The high cost of housing, the absence of law enforcement and bad policies by city councils have contributed to the homeless problem. I have solutions to benefit the unfortunate people living on our streets and to restore cleanliness and safety to our communities. My solutions include medical treatment, education, work programs and more.

Water is the building block of life and the most essential piece to California’s robust Agriculture industry. Californians and its farmers suffer from insufficient water for its needs. The current administration is wastefully dumping precious fresh water into the ocean. By building more reservoirs throughout the state, harnessing our snowpack with reservoirs at high altitudes along the Sierra Nevadas, upgrading our existing water infrastructure and utilizing Desalinization, California will become drought resistant and eventually a water exporter bringing in revenue to the state by selling water to Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico. Water costs and taxes will plummet from a non tax related revenue stream.

The Teachers Unions are forcing their control over our schools and young people. I will fight against the unions and protect parental rights. I am against indoctrination in our schools, including Critical Race Theory and pornographic sex education, which is harmful to young minds and lives. I will bring back true American history and civics in our classrooms and restore a love of America.

We are a Constitutional Republic, based on laws. The foundation of a healthy society is equal justice for all and a regulated system of law and order. Social justice is misguided justice. I strongly support our police, ICE agents, and border patrol who deserve our respect and appreciation. It is dangerous to let criminals back on our streets.

For decades, California politicians have increased taxes and imposed excessive regulations on small businesses. The unnecessary and unlawful COVID-19 lockdowns have forced even more businesses to close. As a businessman, for years I dealt directly with these destructive regulations and taxes. I will bring back businesses to California.

For too many years, the mis-management of California’s natural resources has hurt our businesses, economy and inconvenienced our residents. We have avoidable water shortages, out of control fires and misplaced priorities by decision makers. I know how to put California back on track and lower costs. My solutions include water reservoirs, desalination, increased energy production using clean nuclear power as our major source, and rigorous forest management.

We have all the resources necessary to be the cheapest energy state in the country. Let’s use them—oil, hydro-electric, nuclear, and solar.

I am strongly against mandatory vaccinations for adults and children, lockdowns, and mask mandates. My stand is supported by science, the US Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. This is a government overreach. I am aware that the findings of many doctors and scientists, who are in disagreement with the CDC, are being censored and silenced. I support freedom of thought and individual choice. Americans and the world deserve the truth.

We are now finding out that the COVID-19 pandemic is part of a global plan being orchestrated by the World Economic Forum, headed by Klaus Schwab. Read his book, published in August 2020, “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”